Imagine a country where the ocean and the land are hand in hand. But this country is not so far away and in ancient times. Country of blues forever. Now imagine a hotel. With its splendid architecture in untouched nature, a hotel which takes you to the imaginary land. Namely Litore Resort Hotel & Spa.

There are some names that you come across all around Turkey. One of such names is Karaburun area that is located 35 km west to the center of Alanya.The ancient name of this site is MYLOME. This place looks like a peninsula stretching into the sea and densely populated by historical artifacts known as JUSTINIANUS that was frequently visited by seamen for many years on the western part of this peninsula.
Litore Resort Hotel & SPA is ready for the summer season 2015 with its perfect location facing the historical artifacts scattered left and right in a well-planned manner among the pine trees and maquis shrubland located right on the top of a hill withthe mission to host its guests with a concept of maximum service and maximum satisfaction.